The modern ACCA development package for the SSC sector

The global development of the SSC sector is really progressive. Currently, there are more than 1700 Business Service Centers* in Poland and there will be even more.... The main key to their success are highly qualified employees!

As the finance experts create the value of your business, develop their knowledge and competencies hand in hand with ACCA, the largest and most prestigious global organization associating finance, accounting and management professionals. Give your team the skills keeping them up to date with changing trends in the finance sector, the new technologies development and growing customers needs.

The ACCA development package for the SSC sector

Discover the ACCA development package that meets the expectations of the SSC/GBS companies. Build your learning & development programme strategically and include the complete ACCA package or choose the element/s coming to your and your team’s needs.
We would be happy to answer all your questions, present the package and elaborate together an optimal development scenario for your team. Contact us even today!
1. ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • FOR WHOM: The Diploma in Accounting and Business is a perfect solution for professionals who are starting their career in finance and accounting or are already working in the sector, but need the proper knowledge and skills. This diploma is the first milestone for those who want to complete the whole ACCA qualification and join the prestigious community of ACCA members.
  • STEP BY STEP: Start with registering your employees to the ACCA organization. Then, they should complete an online course preparing them to pass the first 3 ACCA exams. The exams are remote and available on demand. The employees should also complete the free online Foundations in Professionalism module.
  • THE INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA: Those who pass the exams with positive results, get the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business. Further, they are strongly recommended to continue their ACCA qualification journey.
Complete information on the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
2. Certificate in Global Business Services (CertGBS)
  • FOR WHOM: The Certificate in Global Business Services (CertGBS) was created for employees who want to be well-prepared for their roles in a GBS/SSC organization. The certificate is suitable for new team members, but also for present ones.
  • STEP BY STEP: All you need is a quick registration for the online training course, available on the ACCA Learning platform. When the course is completed, your employees should book an exam, which can be taken any time and any place.
  • THE INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA: All your employees who complete the exam with positive results (at least 50% marks), receive the Certificate in Global Business Services.
Complete information on the Certificate in Global Business Services
3. Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR)
  • FOR WHOM: It is perfect for your employees who need to build their knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Among those who can apply for the DipIFR are professional accountants, auditors, IFAC members and working professionals with relevant accounting experience.
  • STEP BY STEP: The first recommended step is a training session with an expert from a training company. The course is a preparation for a comprehensive written ACCA exam, held twice a year - in June and December. The registration for the June or December examination sessions closes about 2 months before the scheduled exam date. The exam is open to all ACCA students and ACCA members (myACCA). All new applicants should register to ACCA at first.
  • THE INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA: To pass the exam and receive the Diploma in International Financial Reporting, your employees must score at least 50%.
Complete information on the Diploma in International Financial Reporting

The ACCA partners appreciate diversified benefits from the ACCA development package

  • increasing employees' skills through effective introduction to the world of finance and accounting - all in English language,
  • an efficient onboarding tool enabling quick knowledge transfer to new employees as well as their progress assessment,
  • Internal relocation of employees in the company and their reskilling as an alternative to recruitment - effective and quick preparation of the employees to new roles in finance and accounting,
  • valued non-wage benefits - building the loyalty of the best employees, for whom professional development and getting international qualifications are essential.

How does your organization benefit?

  • Competitive advantage and market leadership - qualified employees are more engaged. Their competencies and engagement result in more efficient performance of the finance department, stronger support for organization management and effective company transformation into a modern organization, ready for the challenges of contemporary business.
  • SSC/GBS Talent Development - powerful learning tool to develop the employees’ competencies in accounting, finance and management; suitable for lower and mid-level SSC employees.
  • Employer Branding - building a corporate image of the best workplace for finance specialists to attract new talents and enhance the loyalty of present employees.
  • Successful recruitment - ACCA gives companies the tools (such as ACCA Careers) to find the best professionals in the market.
  • High-level partnership - ACCA members and future members become crucial partners in the business, able to implement their know-how and optimize the performance of the team and the finance department.

Partnership with ACCA

  • International competencies - ACCA is the most comprehensive qualification for finance professionals including the management and financial accounting, risk management, taxation and law content.
  • Applicable knowledge - the ACCA qualification syllabus is based on case studies that prepare finance and accounting professionals to face up to everyday business challenges from the very beginning.
  • Global recognition - ACCA is the largest and most recognized global organization for finance and accounting professionals associating over 241,000 members and 542,000 students worldwide.
  • Talent development - the ACCA qualification is a crucial element of the support and development policy for employees.
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*The data comes from the ABSL report “Sektor Nowoczesnych Usług Biznesowych w Polsce 2022” -