Piwik PRO, a privacy-focused analytics vendor, passes 12.4M EUR ARR in the time of Universal Analytics sunset

In the first half of 2023, Piwik PRO grew its ARR by almost 34% and increased the number of its clients by 46%. The company helps more than 10,000 marketers balance effective data collection and privacy compliance each month.

From December 2022 to the end of June 2023, Piwik PRO's ARR grew from 9.3M to more than 12.4M EUR. As for the company's key markets, the DACH region noted 17% growth, and France doubled the ARR. With almost 20% more customers in DACH and two times more in France, the overall number of clients grew by 46%. At the same time, the company's collaborations with strategic partners, who are now responsible for 21% of Piwik PRO's won deals, are further boosting its ARR.
Data protection laws such as GDPR and TTDSG increased the demand for privacy-first analytics software in Europe. At the same time, the advance in privacy awareness in the US, followed by a growing need for HIPAA compliance in the healthcare sector, has visibly impacted Piwik PRO's performance. Additionally, after Google discontinued Universal Analytics, which dominated 85% of the market, many users switched to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, cementing its position as a top analytics platform for privacy compliance.

Our platform has matured and expanded, gaining a firm position in the analytics industry. We want to focus on its constant development, still remembering that privacy was and will be at our core. We bring value to our customers by helping them make data-driven business decisions and balance them with a privacy-first approach.

– Piotr Korzeniowski, CEO at Piwik PRO.

Following promising performance in the first half of the year, Piwik PRO wants to secure its further growth by implementing its new strategy in the upcoming months. The company's new course to become an integrated analytics platform will bring even more opportunities and value for its users, resulting in a stronger market position.

Piwik PRO develops a privacy-first platform, providing an advanced suite of products centered around analytics. The platforms’ vendor-agnostic design ensures seamless integration with all parts of the client’s tech stack. The company’s client portfolio is comprised of 500+ brands, including the European Commission, Fitch Ratings, and DKMS.

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